RS-100 & RS-100U Line preamplifier

RS-100 picture No.1


The line Amplifier Circuit consists of special selected Dual-Triode Tube 6CG7(General Electric/USA) by SRPP system to improve high-frequecy range of the sound, and can supply a strong signal of 52V to the power amplifier.

RS-100 picture No.2

Hum Noise Canceller Circuits

For lighting the heater of 6CG7 tubes, DC current(12V) is applied to minimize the noise of heating, and additionally, 60V bias is applied to the heater to cancel the noise caused from the heater.

RS-100 picture No.3

Carbon Film Resistor

Leben dared to choose a custom-made Carbon Film Resistor of +/-3% error margin to have a more natural and smooth sound instead of normal Metal Film Resistor of +/-1% error margin which makes the sound more hard and stiff.


Direct Input Terminal

A direct input terminal goes directly to the volume control to transmit a pure signal without passing via the contact points of the selector switch, therefore, a superior result is obtained when a phono preamplifier or a CD player is used through the Direct Input.

**Leben applied for the direct input circuit a highest audio-grade PCOCC-A shield wire produced by Oyaide Electric Co to achieve a pure signal transmission.


Luxurious Employment of highest-grade components

The highest audio-grade components are used for all essential parts:

Other Features


Tube compliment 2 x 6CG7 (G.E.) or 12AU7A(for RS-100U)
1 x 6X5GT (Sylvania)
Gain 23dB
Max. Output 52V (Variable) & 0V - 52V(fixed)
Output Impedance 600 Ohms
Residual Noise 0.08mV.
Power Consumption 23W
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 390(W) x 230(D) x 142(H) mm (Incl. Side-panels & Legs)
Attachment AC Power Cable.